Being a Project Manager at A2 Design

What’s it like to be a part of IT-company? Trust me, this is one of the most difficult but at the same time breathtaking feelings that I’ve ever felt.

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning, the smell of hot and fragrant coffee is filling the office and me reading a new email sent by one of our clients who’s asking us to implement two more features to the website. Looks like typical me in the morning or, in other words, the Project Manager at A2 Design. Today the duty falls upon me to write an article about the company where I’ve been working for more than a year. To write everything that I know on behalf of a person who manages the working process at the company and keeps everything under control.

To be honest, I’m not into some boring articles where people describe their company’s way of working in the best words trying to target more and more people to collaborate with them. I believe that the best way to tell about your passion is to give people an opportunity to feel themselves in your place. That’s why I’ve decided to tell you about my typical day as a Project Manager at A2 Design. Shall we start our journey?

I leave my bed at 6 o’clock in the morning and do my daily routine to get ready to work. We have flexible hours in the office: that’s the advantage of being a Project Manager here. So, if you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can work directly from home. Usually, I get to work by 8 o’clock in the morning, make a cup of coffee and go to conquer the world. Or, in other words, checking emails from our clients to see if everything is going under control.

Working on my projects makes me feel completely alive. I don’t usually leave my desk before our daily meetings since I’ve got a lot of stuff to take care of. For example, last week we had an issue on one of our clients’ websites. The website didn’t respond and I got a message at 11 o’clock in the evening to do something with that. One of the main features of being a Project Manager is that not only do you have to be a translator, but also a developer (in some extension) and even a psychologist. Knowing how to communicate to the client makes your work priceless and almost flawless.

Time to put our progress on the table at the daily meeting. Managers usually gather at 12 p.m. to discuss the current situation at the company, how many projects we have and whether everything is going in accordance with our schedule. Managing our schedule is very important since we have to make sure that our developers are doing their job on time. Meeting is finished and I can finally go to our cafeteria to take a break, grab some food and give myself about twenty minutes to read some articles or books.

Well, reading is great, but it’s time to get back to work. Our sales managers have just agreed with a new client on a range of terms to develop a social network for their company and I need to discuss it with them. When we first contact a client, we discuss their project in general, then we get into the details and then we discuss and estimate it with our developers. This is the point on a project timeline when the project is being born and our duty is to take as much care about it as possible. When we are done estimating the project, it’s time to make the Proposal, just to confirm everything that we’ve discussed with the client and keep it safe. And only then we go on the most interesting part – development.

When I started working at the company, I could hardly get what WordPress, Laravel, MySQL and the rest of the very frightening terms for a girl from a foreign language department might mean. But practice makes progress and it happened to be much easier than I thought. My first project was to make sure that one of our developers managed to set up filters on a website. Today I’m managing 4 projects two of which have already promoted our company in their blogs. And the most exciting thing is that I’m continuing to know more about my field and this is what I like most in my job. You never feel as if you are going to be bored to death. You always have something new, something you’ve never heard about and something that you should handle on your own.

Well, the end of my working day doesn’t differ a lot from other people. All the tasks that I’ve planned are done. Turn off my computer. Grab my planner. Lock the cabinet. I still have my phone to go with me in case of emergency, but right now I feel that I’ve just made the world around me a bit better. And it’s going to be a bit better tomorrow. And much more better in the future. Do what you love and your life will be as shiny as possible.

Project Manager at A2 Design